WATCH: CBS’ Major Garrett Says Obama Wishes He Accomplished What Trump Has For Minorities

Written by K. Walker on January 3, 2020

Despite what the left says about President Trump, his administration’s record with visible minorities is envious.

On an end of year edition of CBS’s Face The Nation, the network’s Chief Washington Correspondent, Major Garrett, responded to the query of which story in 2019 that he wished he had reported on, or one that was under-covered in general. He said it was the President’s relationship with people of color — and qualified it by saying that it’s “complicated.”

Garrett began by saying that the President’s rhetoric is “indefensible” — even to some Republicans. He then pushes the Charlottesville “Fine People Hoax” (which we have debunked here) and the also misunderstood “send her back” comment about Rep. Ilhan Omar (read the ClashDaily coverage here) but then, he says that although Trump’s words are divisive, the President has quietly urged Republicans to do some great things for visible minorities.

“Charlottesville is what people hear and think about when they think about the president and people of color, and yet it can be fairly said that this administration, because of President Trump’s quiet prodding, has done quite a bit for funding of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the First Step Act, which was massive first step toward criminal justice reform,” said Garrett, ”

Gee, I wonder why it is that people think of the Charlottesville comments when they think of the President? Could it be that the Media(D) refuses to correct the record on that?

It seems that the Media(D) has ignored that Donald Trump, who won the Ellis Island Medal of Honor back in 1986 and was praised by Jesse Jackson for his commitment to minorities, is doing some really great things for black Americans in particular. His increased funding for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), the First Step Act, and Opportunity Zones directed at communities of color.

“That is a legacy on the agenda side that almost any president after three years would want to claim, particularly President Obama,” said Garrett. He concluded, “Many of those things were sought, but you know what, Republicans would not go for it. Quietly, persistently, President Trump has pushed Republicans in this direction and I think that’s an under-covered story.”

That’s pretty amazing for the racist Hitler-clone that the left is claiming that President Trump suddenly transformed into once he put an “R” after his name, don’t you think?

Or perhaps it’s because the Media(D) has shaped the narrative and is unswerving in its leftist coverage.

Perhaps if the “Drive-by Media” (as Rush Limbaugh calls them,) actually did their job by reporting news accurately instead of left-leaning commentary tossed in, this wouldn’t be a huge, undercovered story.

This is just as much a condemnation of the mainstream media for failing to see past its own bias as it is praising President Trump for his non-bigotry.

Do better, Media(D).

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