LMAO: Iranian Guard Spokesman CRIES During Television Interview Over Death Of Soleimani

Written by K. Walker on January 3, 2020

***UPDATED to include Tweets by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(D-NY)***

The Washington Post had said that the militias attacking the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad were “mourners” — and now they really are.

Awwww! Did the poor, little mastermind of terror get himself killed for attacking a U.S. Embassy, planning a bomb in Washington D.C that was thwarted, and being a general pain in the ass causing hundreds of American deaths since 2003?

You’re damned right, he did!

I’d normally say that none but his fleas would mourn him, but apparently there are some people who will miss the oxygen burglar who was just toasted at the President’s order.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards spokesman Ramadan Sharif breaks down on live TV over the news that Soleimani was killed.

Sharif isn’t alone in mourning, though. The leftists in Congress, their sycophants in the Media(D), and lunkhead Hollywood elites suffering from serious cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome™ will all be mourning the death of a man who was the mastermind of attacks on Americans in the Middle East and even plotting to bomb Americans in the nation’s capital.

Honestly, how sincere are Sharif’s tears anyway? It’s easy to cry when you’ve got a gun to your head. Not showing proper deference to the death of Soleimani could mean some real problems in Iran…

But that’s not the case with Americans who are twisting themselves into knots to condemn killing a brutal, vicious terrorist.

We expect the nuttiness from the pretty people in Hollywood who make their fortune on lines that other people write for them, but it’s egregious for elected officials and so-called journalists to be so damned ignorant.

Of course, with ignorant people, it can be expected.

Naturally, criticism of the attack killing Soleimani came from three members of “The Squad”:

AOC was a bit late to the hate-on-Trump party, but she got there eventually.

I’m sorry… what?

It’s not an “act of war” to kill a guy who was conducting a proxy war on foreign soil and was suddenly in Baghdad shortly after the Iranian militia attacked the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, (which may have been done with his orchestration,) and was a known terror mastermind.

But what does AOC know about foreign policy, anyway?

[NARRATOR: About as much as she knows about domestic policy which, clearly, is not a damned thing.]

Good gracious! President Trump doesn’t want war with Iran. Nor does Iran want war with the United States. It would be colossally stupid for a country that doesn’t even have nukes (despite Barry’s ass-kissing of Iran with his “deal,”) to pick a fight with the World’s Military Superpower. The Iranian regime just likes to flex its might by stirring up trouble in the Middle East and make plans to try to kill innocent civilians outside their borders if they can manage it.

And it’s pretty rich that AOC wants Congress to assert its authority over military conflict when the previous administration didn’t give two craps about getting Congressional approval for getting themselves entangled in foreign wars.

*cough* Libya *cough*

Also, President Trump seems to be what I call the “Big Stick Theory” of foreign policy — strengthen the military and hope to God that you don’t have to deploy troops. He’s not the warmonger that the left declares him to be.

Even Speaker Pelosi was upset about the U.S. military “targeting high-level military officials” and “killing Iranian Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani” because it might put Americans at risk.

Do you know what also puts them at risk? Not killing Soleimani.

Here’s a writer for the New York Times tweeting a video of “General” Soleimani reciting poetry while talking about his dearly departed friends and how difficult it is to be left behind. #NoLongerAnIssue

Leftwing reporter who wrote for The Intercept, Vice, and Salon explained that this was killing a hero, dammit!

CBS This Morning called Soleimani a “war hero” and a “revered figure.”

When you mourn the death of a terrorist with the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hands, perhaps you should reassess your political beliefs.

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