WATCH: Footage Of US Airstrike Ridding The World Of A Terrorist Scumbag In Baghdad

Written by Wes Walker on January 3, 2020

He made the mistake of thinking America was still run by a do-nothing appeaser. Now he’s vacationing forever in Dante’s easy-bake.

The terrorist military leader responsible for so American many deaths and injuries — as well as countless deaths of people in other parts of the world — was just taken down.

And ironically, for someone who loved using rockets to inspire terror among civilians, he was taken out with a drone strike.

He so casually sent so many young ‘martyrs’ to their ‘rewards’, didn’t he? Strange that he never embraced such an ending to his own life. He had to be taken down by American airpower.

It’s almost as though he didn’t believe his own propaganda about just how awesome it was to die a miserable death, eh? He was willing to leave those ‘miserable deaths’ to expendable peons while he lived the ‘good life’.

Until now.

Maybe he should have taken Trump’s warnings more seriously.

Oh well. He’s not a problem anymore:

What’s left of him?

Not much.

The caption that came with that photo (DailyMail):

An image which circulated on Iranian media in the aftermath purporting to show Quds commander Qassem Soleimani’s hand after the strike in the early hours of Friday. Two officials from the Iran-backed People’s Mobilzation Forces (PMF) said Soleimani’s body was torn to pieces in the attack and a senior politician said his body could only be identified by the ring he wore on his left hand. The ring bears strong similarities to the ruby ring worn on Soleimani’s left hand in other photos, however it is not a precise match and fellow victim Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis wore similar jewellery.

If his buddies really believed their honorable deaths and immediate entry into paradise, they should be celebrating his ‘glorious ending’. But no… they’re crying.

LMAO: Iranian Guard Spokesman CRIES During Television Interview Over Death Of Soleimani

So were their religious leaders:

Again with the ‘if they really believed’…

Not everyone was crying, though:

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