WATCH: President Trump Signs USMCA Trade Agreement — Trolls Nancy Pelosi At The Same Time

Written by K. Walker on January 31, 2020

FINALLY! After Congress dragged their feet on the USMCA agreement, it’s finally done. Nancy didn’t expect President Trump to do this, however…

The Democrats have been focussed on impeachment since Donald Trump took the Oath of Office in January 2017. President Trump, however, has been racking up accomplishment after accomplishment. The “Promises Kept” slogan is incredibly fitting. He’s even getting past all the Democrat obstruction B.S. to build the Big, Beautiful Wall. As has been noted, this President thrives with opposition. 

President Trump’s administration has been very effective in accomplishing its goals including a massive number of federal court judges appointed in just three years.

What precisely have the Democrats accomplished? After all, they control the House.

Speaker Pelosi was stalling USMCA and blaming the delay on President Trump… which is an interesting tactic.

Well, there was the one big goal that they had — impeachment. And it only took five attempts at filing articles of impeachment to do it.

Nancy Pelosi was so pleased that she had special pens made to commemorate the allegedly sober, solemn occasion. She painstakingly signed each letter with a different pen that she then handed to each House Manager while she grinned in a way that her face might’ve cracked. 

Handing out pens after a signing important legislation isn’t anything new, but Pelosi did it in an obnoxious way.

President Trump appeared to mock House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week by gleefully handing out souvenir pens at the USMCA signing ceremony  — a move that came after Pelosi was slammed for handing out souvenir pens with her name on them on the day she signed the resolution to transmit two articles of impeachment against Trump to the Senate.

President Trump, after signing the USMCA trade agreement, decided to hand out some pens of his own, and he did it in a very Trumpy way.

“You know what you hand out pens for? Accomplishments. Like, say, signing a historic trade deal with China,” Elizabeth Harrington, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, tweeted back then in response to Pelosi’s gesture. “So it’s fitting that Democrats are handing out pens for their sole accomplishment: impeachment. Democrats have done NOTHING for the American people.”

Trump, who was celebrating one of his largest economic policy victories with the signing of the USMCA trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada — he promised to renegotiate NAFTA during his campaign — seemed to call back to Pelosi’s controversial moment as he shoveled handfuls of pens at lookers-on Wednesday.

Source: Fox News

That. Was. Amazing.

The way that President Trump always seems to manage to stick it to smug Democrats is just not getting old.


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