WATCH: Chief Justice Roberts GLARES At Pocahontas After Ridiculous Impeachment Question

Written by Wes Walker on January 31, 2020

She shows such ‘leadership’ that even an impartial judge doesn’t like her. Good goin’ Liz!

The Democrats have doubled down on partisan rhetoric so many times, they don’t even hear how dumb their arguments sound.

Maybe getting the stinkeye from a Chief Justice might help Pinnochiohontas put it back into some kind of perspective.

But probably not. She’s a Democrat, after all. They tend not to let facts get in the way of their feelings.

Here’s what she said to piss of Chief Justice Roberts so thoroughly.

If looks could kill, she’d be dead now.

What in the actual hell was Liz thinking?

Let’s throw shade at the Judge and see how that works out for me?

Yup. There’s the winning diplomatic mind the world needs to see in the White House.

If she didn’t already know she’s pooched, that glare should have cinched it.

Then again, why would we really expect her to clue in?

We ARE talking about Elizabeth Warren, after all.