AWKWARD! Buttigieg Accidentally Calls ‘Dark Money’ In Politics ‘Black Money’ To A Room Full Of African-Americans

Written by Wes Walker on February 11, 2020

How do you recognize when a candidate is pandering? When he defaults to the official talking points, even when he’s talking about something totally unrelated.

Preachy Pete has a problem, and he knows it.

Black voters haven’t bought in on his message. Some have pointed to his record as mayor to explicitly call him out as a bigot.

For somebody wanting to lead a party whose rise and fall absolutely depends on how many black voters show up to rubberstamp their usual Democrat candidate, that’s a problem.

So Preachy Pete has done what so many other Democrats have taken to doing. He’s pandering.

For example:

The Oscars…

Trayvon’s birthday…

Aids Research (which Trump has already committed to)…

So when the topic of campaign funding came up, guess what happened?

He made a pretty significant Freudian slip. In front of a black audience.

He meant to say ‘dark money’ but he botched it.

And instead of just fixing the mistake, probably terrified of the potential soundbite, he tried to fix it.

He has obviously forgotten the first rule about holes… if you’re standing in one, stop digging.

Pretty sure you made it worse and not better, there, Preachy Pete.