BREXIT: The UK Throws A Party When They Once Again Become A Sovereign State

Written by Wes Walker on February 3, 2020

[Insert your favorite ‘party like it’s 1776’ joke here.]

While the Democrats are doing their level best to strip Americans of their natural freedoms, most Brits are feeling the rush of freedom for the first time in their adult lives.

For the first time since the Nixon administration, the British can truly call themselves a free people. As of February 1, they were no longer beholden to the UN demands for how they must live their lives or conduct their affairs.

Any reputation they have for being a stiff-upper-lip don’t-let-your-feelings-show kind of people went right out the window.

These guys were Thrilled!

We’ve got the footage to prove it.

Nigel Farage kicking the UN in the crotch on his way out:

A message from their Prime Minister:

Institutional Proof of the new reality:

A party atmosphere like Times Square on NYE counting down the minutes to their freedom…

And a little twisting of the knife…

Congrats on your little taste of freedom, you guys.

Next up: reclaiming your God-given domestic liberties.

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