Yang Says He Would ‘Pardon Trump’… There’s Just One Problem With That

Written by Wes Walker on February 3, 2020

Well, there’s one problem BESIDES the fact that Yang’s got pretty much zero chance of getting his party’s nomination.

Of all the candidates (or, as Gutfield calls them, ‘can’t-idates) on the Left Andrew Yang is trying to make the most direct appeal to what we used to call civil discourse. He is hoping his ideas will win out over other Democrat’s platforms.

It’s not really taking root, but he gets an A for effort.

The political tone is also different from many other Dems. Unlike other 2020 hopefuls, he doesn’t go straight for the cheap shots at the other guys. He takes some, but — unlike Joe or Bernie, or some others that isn’t his go-to.

And that leaves this political statement he made in light of impeachment open to some interpretation. Here’s what he said:

On ABC News’ “This Week” Sunday, the Venture for America founder said that he would consider following in the footsteps of Gerald Ford and pardon his predecessor.

“It’s a very, very nasty pattern that developing countries have fallen into where a new president ends up throwing the president before them in jail, and that pattern, unfortunately, makes it very hard for any party to govern sustainably moving forward with a sense of unity among their people,” Yang said.
Source: NewsMax

There are two ways to understand his statement.

One way would be to interpret this as Trump being guilty and needing some sort of future legal protection that a presidential pardon could offer.

The other interpretation would be as an offer to insulate Trump from any future endless accusations and legal proceedings that would (by design) occupy and harass him for the rest of his days.

The fact that Yang (belatedly) joined the ‘he’s a ra—cist’ crowd makes one think the first explanation is the more likely of the two.

What’s the problem with pardoning Trump for … whatever it is he’s accused of?

Well, that’s exactly the problem.

EVERY American has the presumption of innocence.

We are innocent of any accusation against us unless and until a legal decision has declared us guilty of a particular offense.

Guess what has NOT happened with President DJT?

Not only did he skate through the Mueller investigation without a scratch — even though he had waved literally EVERY Presidential Executive privilege in doing so — but…

He ALSO didn’t have a single criminal charge mentioned in the ‘impeachment’ hearings against him. They focus-tested a few, but even their hand-picked witnesses wouldn’t play ball and claim he had committed any crimes.

But YANG will pardon Trump?

Of what, exactly?

It’s one thing to lecture us all about third-world countries. But when you forget about the American presumption of innocence in the process, you’ve totally lost the plot.

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