Chris Matthews Gives Grovelling Apology To Bernie… But Trump, Not So Much

Written by Wes Walker on February 25, 2020

Chris Matthews committed the Cardinal Sin of mainstream journalism — he described a Leftist he didn’t like the same way they do a Republican. And now he’s doing a mea culpa.

Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima culpa.

Chris ‘Tingle down my leg’ Matthews just ran into the Bernie Buzzsaw.

He is convinced that a Bernie win will lead to a second Trump term… a fate worse than death. And blinded by his Trump Derangement Syndrome, Chris expanded his ‘literally Hitler’ anti-Trump metaphor to include Bernie winning the delegate count in Nevada.

Bernie winning was seen as comparable to the Maginot Line falling.

We covered that story here — Chris Matthews Freaks Out Over Bernie’s Nevada Win… Invokes Hitler

Whatever the reason, an apology was wrung out of him only days later. One in which he pledged to do a ‘better job’ of ‘elevating the discourse’. Sure you will, Chris.

Has he ever once owned up to anything he was wrong about with Trump? Meh, probably not. But nobody on the right watches MSNBC anyway, so what does he care?

How did Chris make this kind of a faux pas in the first place? Maybe he forgot that Sanders is on the Left should be treated as an ally on his network? Maybe he forgot that there is a reason that you don’t make Hitler comparisons to a guy of Jewish ancestry?

Whatever the reason, there were calls for Matthew’s head on a plate.

Here is the ‘all is forgiven’ reaction he’s getting from the Left.

We notice Rosie O’Donnel never got to ‘apologize’ her way out of the maw of Cancel Culture. Then again, Chris didn’t have a hit show that made Trump supporters look relatable, either.

But one Jewish voice is throwing a wrench in the poor-me-victim-of-antisemitism narrative… Ben Shapiro.

One key difference between Ben and Bernie is that Ben actually LIVES as a Jew in terms of culture, tradition and (especially) religion.

Ben brings up an awkward point that the mainstream media dare not touch:

Castro, eh?

Yep. Ben went there.

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