CLASH POLL: Which Was The WORST Flub From The Democratic Debate? (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on February 26, 2020

The Democrat Hopefuls beclowned themselves in South Carolina. Here’s the worst of the worst…

The Democratic Debate in South Carolina simultaneously completely chaotic as well as an absolute snorefest — which is quite the feat.

The candidates vying for who will be trounced by President Trump in November managed to create even more of a spectacle of themselves than usual. The debate was filled with horrible flubs, slips, gaffes, lunacy, and outright racism.

We want to know what you think the worst moment was.


Former Vice President Joe Biden, (who may not have been completely sure where he was,) stating that half of the population of the United States was killed by gun violence:


Senator Amy Klobuchar’s alleged F-bomb:

(It should be noted that Klobuchar said that she didn’t swear but was saying “Margaret” which is the name of one of the moderators.)


Senator Elizabeth Warren accidentally admitting that unborn babies are alive while she lies about being fired from her teaching job for being “visibly pregnant.”


Peter Pander getting “woke” on racial discrimination while ignoring Liz Warren’s self-defined Native American identity:


Speaking of woke pandering, Tom Steyer voluntarily brings up reparations to “retell” the story of discrimination against African-Americans.


Mini-Mike letting it slip that he bought the 2018 election.


Senator Bernie Sanders calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a racist:


Bernie saying that Black, Hispanic, and Native American people should start businesses to sell marijuana legally. I guess we’re supposed to leave all the weed-selling to minorities — but that’s not racist, it’s “progressive” and compassionate.

It was clearly a win for President Trump because of all of the chaos:

But whose gaffe was the worst?

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