MEME OF THE DAY: In Honor Of President Trump’s Successful India Trip, Here’s ‘Peshwa Warrior Trump’ (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on February 26, 2020

The pro-Trump meme-makers are supremely talented and here at ClashDaily, we want to honor them.

We love this stuff, and we’ll bet our readers do, too.

From Carpe Donktum to Power Tie and Mad Liberals to Sol, you’ve all made us laugh and cheer with your creativity and excellence. You get that MAGA message out there with your videos and it’s pretty amazing stuff.

Meme on, meme warriors, meme on!

In honor of President Trump’s recent visit to India, here’s one of those incredible memes portraying our amazing President as a dancing hero.

This isn’t the only Bollywood Trump meme, and there’s something about the Bollywood visuals and Trump that just… works.

The President himself liked that last one and retweeted it.

How did the actual visit go?

Well, here are a couple videos to sum it up:

Here is Prime Minister Modi welcoming President Trump and the friendship between India and the United States.

It looks like President Trump isn’t the international embarrassment that the Democrats claim that he is and that he isn’t despised in India.

Good to know.

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