Donna Brazile Tweets Praise Over Bloomberg’s Anti-Bernie Ad — Twitter BRUTALLY Reminds Her Of 2016

Written by K. Walker on February 17, 2020

Does Brazile not remember that she was tipping the scale in Hillary’s favor during the 2016 primary?

Democratic hopeful Michael Bloomberg has been spending millions of dollars hand-over-fist for advertising to gain some momentum before he falls on his face in the debates. He is certainly outspending his fellow Democratic candidates, but he can’t control the news cycle that continues to report on the controversial and out-right bigoted and sexist comments by the former mayor of New York.

Still, he’s paying a ton of cash for his message to get out there via Instagram influencers, terrible meme-makers, and traditional ads.

One ad that he aired took direct aim at Bernie’s supporters rather than the candidate himself. Bernie Bros are notoriously obnoxious to a degree that is unparalleled in political discourse. Some of his organizers have even been vocal supporters of gulags and “re-education camps” for those who resist the “revolution.”

With the angry, vocal Bernie “true believers” many people of all political stripes have brushed up against a rabid Bernie supporter. The ad will resonate in that way.

Here is the ad:

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile retweeted it with the comment, “#OMG The gloves are off. #Bloomberg 2020 is finally here.”

This is pretty awkward since Brazile leaked debate questions to Hillary’s campaign in 2016 and wrote a tell-all book about how Hillary essentially bought the DNC.

Check it out the ClashDaily article here:

Did Hillary Just THREATEN Donna Brazile Over DNC Rigged Election Revelation?


Some Twitter users responded to her tweet that the ad itself misses the mark.

But others disagreed.

But it was the handful of Twitter users who were quick to remind Brazile of her role in the previous Democratic primary that were absolutely spectacular.

Man, those have got to sting!

This is why it’s very important to think before you tweet.

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