PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY: Daytona 500 Grand Marshal Trump Rides In Presidential Limo Around The Track

Written by K. Walker on February 17, 2020

***UPDATE: Feb. 17 12:35pm.

After publication of this article, it appears that several news outlets have reported this news incorrectly. The New York Post and Sports Illustrated both said that President Trump was the first sitting President to act as Grand Marshal at Daytona. However, according to Sporting News, MSN, and the L.A. Times, President George W. Bush was indeed the Grand Marshal, but Whoopi Goldberg was the official starter.

The article has been updated and corrected.

The author apologizes for any confusion.


Donald J. Trump is the second sitting President to serve as Grand Marshal of the Daytona 500.

Although former President George W. Bush was named Grand Marshal in 2004, he was not the official starter. That honor went to comedian Whoopi Goldberg.

The Secret Service established a 30-mile “no drone zone” around the racetrack for security.

Before the race, President Trump made quite an entrance on Air Force One.

“It really is the Great American Race,” Trump said on the FOX broadcast moments before the race began. “And I look at this as almost a patriotism kind of thing.”

Trump said he has attended the race four times before, but not since 2001. He was joined alongside the First Lady.

Source: Sports Illustrated

President Trump addressed the crowd prior to the race.

The Presidential Limousine took a 2.5-mile lap around the track.

As Grand Marshal, President Trump had the privilege of starting the race with the traditional opening command, “Gentlemen, start your engines.”

During the airing of the race, President Trump’s campaign also ran an ad and it’s spectacular.

Many Libs have become elitist snobs that don’t understand NASCAR or NASCAR fans — they think they’re stupid, backward yokels that talk in funny accents and might marry their sister. That just shows their bigotry.

I’m a brown-skinned child of immigrants who grew up watching stock car races in my small town. My dad was a sales rep for one of the sponsors and was therefore treated as a VIP. When I was a kid, he brought me with him to award the giant cheque to the winner and we had our photo taken with him and the local beauty queen. The drivers were such nice people and so were the racing fans. I have great memories of going to those races with my dad. I’m not precisely the racing fan that the left would have you believe is out there.

Leftists look down on people who do not think exactly like them.

And it shows you who the real bigots are.

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