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Joe Biden Worked On Paris Climate Accord With — A VERY Dead Chinese President…?

This, Biden says, is one of the things he’s ‘most proud of’… and just like the Nelson Mandela thing, it never actually happened.

Biden keeps bragging about how many push-ups he can do.

Somebody should let him know, it isn’t Joe’s physical health that alarms us. Maybe he should take a little less time out for push-ups and a little more for the mental acuity exercises that are available.

Biden just made another insane boast in the most casually off-handed of ways.

This is, truly, becoming routine.

In his words… ‘no joke’.

The Paris Climate Accord was signed in 2016.

Joe was Veep from Jan 2009 to Jan 2017.

Deng Xiaoping, ended his term as China’s head of state in 1992. At the age of 92, he died in 1997.

A bold claim like that one raises some questions. For example, when Joe worked with Deng Xiaoping on getting the Paris Climate Accord rolling, did his methods involve an Ouija board or a seance?


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