Mueller Report: House Republicans To Be Making Criminal Referrals Over Prosecutorial Abuses

Written by Wes Walker on February 25, 2020

Nunes made this announcement during an interview with John Solomon.

Yes, we know… a criminal referral only has as much in the way of teeth as the DOJ has the willingness to prosecute it. So our optimism is muted, to say the least.

Depending on what happens as the result of the Durham investigation, we either have a system where the inner circle can flaunt the law with impunity, or we do not. And the Mueller Report had evidence of abuses just as egregious as the others.

For one thing, since the last two FISA warrants were proven to be unlawful — and the Mueller investigation would have made active use of the final one — that alone is a red flag. Another one is that Weissman (the guy who was present at Hillary’s ‘victory party’ and who some consider the REAL leader of the investigation) knew the Russian Dossier was sketchy and worthless as evidence very early on.

In fact, there are solid reasons to ask why the investigation dragged on long after they would have conclusively known there were no connections or ‘collusion’ between Trump and Russian operatives. It has every appearance of being an effort to weaponize the DOJ as an instrument to hamper Trump politically for as long as they possibly could. They created a cloud of suspicion over the Presidency — most likely affecting the outcome of 2018 midterms, costing Republicans the House.

But there are now other, more concrete reasons to put forward criminal referrals…

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Just the News that his team has been scouring recent documents released by the FBI, including witness reports known as 302s, and found glaring evidence that contradicts claims the Mueller team made to courts and Congress.

“We’re now going through these 302s, and we’re going to be making criminal referrals on the Mueller dossier team, the people that put this Mueller report together,” Nunes said during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast set to air on Tuesday.

Nunes specifically reacted to a story in Just the News disclosing that FBI interview memos of key figure George Papadopoulos show he was helpful in trying to locate a witness named Joseph Mifsud but that Mueller’s prosecutors portrayed Papdopoulos as trying to thwart or frustrate the investigation’s efforts to question Mifsud.

The new FBI memos provide “our first evidence of the Mueller team lying to the court. It a lie. It’s a total lie,” the lawmaker said, referring to the Mueller team’s claim that Papadopoulos tried to hinder efforts to locate and question Mifsud.

“I always assumed that Papadopolis probably was helpful. I mean, he’s kind of alluded to that, that he offered to be helpful, but we had never seen the actual 302s,” Nunes said. JustTheNews

The prosecutors that went so far out of their way to lock up Trump supporters for lying in the course of an investigation have been caught in one of their own.

Trump has been claiming the Russian Collusion prosecution is bogus and has using the term ‘witch-hunt’ from Day One.

The more we learn about prosecutorial misconduct and manipulated or even manufactured evidence, the stronger his claim becomes.