Latina Trump Supporter: Bernie’s Policies Didn’t Work Where I’m From (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on February 28, 2020

The common refrain of every socialist is that the policies WILL work… THIS time!

And whenever you bring up the failures of those very same policies in the past, they will give you the same excuse every time — almost word for word.

But THAT government didn’t do Socialism the RIGHT way.

Convenient, isn’t it, how it’s never the system that’s flawed… only the people who implemented it.

Here is a Latina Trump supporter pushing back on Breadline Bernie’s bankrupt policies.

She’s from El Salvadore, where these policies have been tried before.

And they have failed, badly.

She’s learned that lesson first-hand. Now she’s left the socialist ‘utopia’ of El Salvadore and is living in America.

But THIS time, Bolshevik Bernie will do Socialism the ‘right’ way… right?

For bonus points, she had something to say about being a female, Latina, Trump supporter that would really mess with your typical CNN-Watching leftist drone, too.