Dear Bernie Bros & Man Haters: God Made Men Competitive

Written by Doug Giles on February 28, 2020

It doesn’t matter HOW hard you try to shoehorn men into some kind of a collective, the competitive drive in men is stamped right into our DNA.

And no, it’s not a ‘toxic masculinity’ or ‘social construct’ either. It’s what makes men tick and perform at our best.

What we see on full display in the animal kingdom when a couple of majestic stags lock horns to show who’s the alpha, there is a parallel masculine drive even in the civilized knuckle-dragger.

It isn’t just fighting over women and money either. It’s getting that last word in an argument. Dominating a political race. Seeing a problem and leading the charge to fix it. Inventing something to make life better.

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The competitive masculine drive — when properly harnessed — pushes us forward to excellence.

Here’s a two-minute blast on the topic from the ClashRadio show.

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Whether he’s using a tweet, a carrot or a big, heavy stick, Trump seems to have great instincts on how to bring the other guy to the table, to drive his political rivals crazy, or to find creative ways to accomplish things that others have said ‘can’t be done’.

He’s also got nerves of steel, walking towards the fight that everyone else runs from.

No wonder the artist, our own Doug Giles, picked the absolute Badass Dirty Harry for his Trump-themed art series, entitled (what else?) Go Ahead, Make My Day.


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