Lesbian YouTuber Explains Why She’s Leaving The ‘INSANE Progressive Left’ (Video)

Written by K. Walker on February 24, 2020

Her reasons might surprise you…

Arielle Scarcella is a very popular YouTube personality with a following of over 638K and she has had enough with the insanity that has hit the “progressive” left. Scarcella is a lesbian who creates videos relating to LGBT issues including families, sexuality, and education on transgenderism.

In a short video, Scarcella lists of the reasons and they seem quite… reasonable.

She rattles them off pretty quickly.

Scarcella says that she doesn’t think like the “woke cult” that has emerged on the left. She doesn’t believe that:

  • gender is a social construct
  • all cisgender, straight white men are evil
  • genital preferences are “transphobic”
  • there are 97 genders
  • male sex offenders belong in women’s prisons
  • people should be praised for walking around with shirts that say “kill terfs”

She explains how she’s been harassed by the “progressive” leftist activists for being a “bigot” without a hint of irony.

Scarcella says that she doesn’t want to include LGBT in her bio because people think that she’s part of the “woke cult.”

Watch as this prominent YouTuber realizes that the left has gone completely insane:

Her video was boosted in libertarian and conservative circles because of her appearance on Tim Pool’s podcast.

Scarcella says that her views have become more conservative and perhaps that’s true. It’s also true that the “progressive” left is pushing things so far left that they’re leaving rational people behind — especially with LGBT issues. Just a few years ago we were being lectured out of both sides of the mouth of the Obama administration about trans inclusivity, (ie. “self-identification” was enough for trans schoolchildren, but not for transgender adults in the military,) but a scant 4 years later and some activists say that biological gender as a “social construct.”

The problem is with the “progressive” movement itself — it is unending and will inevitably eat its own. At some point, yesterday’s “victims” become today’s “oppressors” as we’ve seen with feminists and hardcore trans activists who insist that biological men are in fact women simply because they say that they are.

As Scarcella notes in her video, a lot of us saw this coming a long time ago.

It’s a very good thing that the left is being exposed as absolutely fanatical, insane, and censorious. When reasonable people who have left-leaning views start exiting the radical left en masse, then maybe we can go back to having rational political discussions again. Until then, welcome to the absolutely massive tent on the non-left!


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