Yikes: An Entire Block Gets Swarmed By 40,000 Angry Bees

Written by Wes Walker on February 24, 2020

What began as a story about a bee sting quickly escalated to a situation landing 5 people — in the hospital.

Normally, when you see one bee, you would expect to find many more nearby. But who could have possibly expected a cloud big enough to cover a city block?

When first responders in Pasadena answered a call about a bee sting, they soon discovered, ‘the whole block was covered win an influx of bees.’

It was a quick transition from the rescuer to the patient for two cops and two firemen who had responded to the call, with the firefighter who had been treating the original victim was himself stung multiple times.

Seeing the enormous (and aggressive) cloud of bees, they brought in a professional beekeeper to deal with the hive.

What they found was no ordinary hive. The hive contained 40,000 Africanized (aka, ‘Killer’) bees in a swarm which somebody managed to angry up.

The entire street was blocked off while they got the situation sorted.

Where does a swarm big enough to fill a city block set up a home? In this instance, they traced it back to the eaves of a local hotel.