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LMAO: Crazy Screaming Phone-Licking Bald Antifa Chick Gets Hilariously Mocked In Parody

They have their impotent rage, we have humor; that’s how you can tell we are winning.

If anyone still believed the Democrats, the News, or the Media, they would be convinced that Trump-loving Republicans are a group of wandering, toothless brigands looking for victims to pounce upon.

Is America headed for a recession?

Meanwhile, in the real world, actual rage cases spilling over into irrational acts of emotional outbursts or violence keep turning up in the Democrat ranks.

This includes anything from those delicious 2016 meltdown videos featuring the media, Democrat protesters and angsty Black block activists starting fires and breaking windows to the inexplicable urge to lash out at strangers wearing red MAGA hats.

Just ask Nick Sandmann about how irrational THAT can be.

Pro-lifers have been round-house kicked and patrons of shops and restaurants (some of them kids) are sworn at or attacked by staffers. There was a spectacular meltdown where a guy in a vape shop became completely incomprehensible, and one guy at a Sams’ Club pulled a gun over a MAGA hat.

Even Berkeley, where free speech victories had been won, was set on fire because someone of the ‘wrong’ political stripe wanted to address a crowd.

But they assure us that it’s Republicans that are showing signs of being ‘unhinged’.


The crazies keep on coming. Here’s the latest screaming Mimi showing the full extent of her intellect, maturity and political relevance.

She’s screaming at strangers and licking people’s phones.

No, that’s not some kind of a bizarre figure of speech. She was doing exactly that.

Here’s some crazy chick who was never told ‘no’ enough as a kid behaving like a spoiled brat in public. She’s emboldened by the fact that she’s picking fights with people far more honorable than herself that won’t just punch her right in the throat and shut her the hell up.

In fact, if she was dealing with people as feral as herself, she’d never have the guts to be so obnoxious. She’d probably wake up with a brain injury… if at all.

Weird as it is to say this, this phone licking is NOT an isolated incident.

How does the right respond to such levels of stupidity?

Here’s one of Trump’s favorite MAGA Trolls putting a humorous spin on it.

Taking a good look at which side is laughing and which side is enraged… who do you think is REALLY winning here?

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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