Piers Morgan Lambasts ‘Smug, Sanctimonious Schiff’ Over ‘Impeachment Debacle’

Written by Wes Walker on February 4, 2020

Although Schiff obviously thinks himself the smartest guy in America, Morgan contends he might actually be the dumbest, and lays out his case for why.

Schiff, the Lead Impeachment Manager for Donald Trump’s impeachment, was asked on CBS’ Face The Nation yesterday morning if he would have done anything differently given the Senate has now voted to reject more witnesses and will inevitably vote to acquit the President on Wednesday.

‘There’s nothing that I can see that we could have done differently,’ he replied, with that curiously smug bug-eyed smirk Schiff pulls whenever he thinks he’s saying something particularly clever.
Source: DailyMail

Remember, Schiff has been in on this from the very beginning. This question allows him the latitude to have shifted priorities, to have changed timelines, to have acted differently with respect to witnesses or the rule of law. What would he have changed?

Nothing at all. He would have repeated the same futile process step by agonizing step.

If you had your time again, knowing how this was all going to play out, you’d still want to launch an impeachment you 100% knew had zero chance of success?

If he genuinely believes this, then Schiff is not just dumb, he’s so deluded it’s bordering on the very insanity Einstein spoke about.

By gifting Trump a Super Bowl sized touchdown just as the 2020 election year kicks off the with first caucuses, Schiff and the Democrats have played right into the hands of their opponent.

Make no mistake, this week is going to be an elongated victory lap of epic proportions for the President.

Tomorrow, Trump makes his State of the Union address to the nation, and I’ll bet every dollar I have that he spends large parts of it taunting Democrats for their failed bid to unseat him.
Source: DailyMail

We all know where this is going from here. The Trumpian victory laps, the nicknames, the cries of fake news and witchhunts. The leveraging of this attempt (and all others) to unseat his presidency as fodder for the next election — including the insane fundraising that has since been dubbed impeach-MINT.

And he would do it all AGAIN???

They could have chosen NOT to impeach, and NOT to give Trump a win for something he doesn’t deserve a shred of triumphalism over.

Instead, they pulled the trigger on a hyper-partisan political gun that was only ever going to fire bullets into their 2020 election chances.

It was the most absurd, stupid act of self-harm I’ve ever seen in modern American politics and one that I strongly believe will now help propel Donald Trump back into the White House for four more years.

Who is to blame for this catastrophic debacle?

It’s Adam Schiff.

Schiff is obsessed with Donald Trump.

I don’t just mean he’s got a bit of a problem with him, I mean he’s pathologically demented in his absolute detestation of all things Trump.

Every day since Trump was elected, Schiff’s been plotting to try to get rid of him.

For two years, Schiff assured us all that he had proof Trump colluded with Russians to fix the 2016 Election.

He kept saying it, and the U.S. media kept believing him, devoting 90% of their airtime to spewing the same ‘RUSSIA COLLUSION!’ mantra.

But the Mueller Report concluded Trump didn’t collude with Russia to fix the election. It was all bullsh*t.

Undeterred, Schiff moved straight onto Ukrainian collusion, and began shrieking about that 24/7 instead – once again aided and abetted by a frothing media equally intent on bringing Trump down.

And for a second time, it’s all going to end in abject failure.

This impeachment has been about Adam Schiff, his ego and his career.

Two years ago, as a Los Angeles Times columnist noted, just 19% of voters in his home state of California knew Schiff’s name, whereas a recent YouGov poll found that 65% of Americans nationwide now know him.
Source: DailyMail

Why would he do such a thing?

Because it took him from being a no-account the House without any name recognition to a guy who could raise millions for playing his role in ‘The Resistance’.

This was never about America.

This was about Adam.


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