LMAO: ‘Happy Birthday’ Message To Bloomberg From Team MAGA… Using His OWN Meme

Written by Wes Walker on February 14, 2020

This is next-level trollery from one of the President’s favorite meme accounts, Carpe Donktum.

Remember when Bloomberg tried to hit Trump with that low-rent dancing cookie meme that totally flopped?

Well, that meme has been weaponized against… Mini Mike Bloomberg himself. (Which is another reason the Left Can’t Meme line is still relevant today.)

And it’s being unloaded on him for his birthday, no less.

I suppose this is an example of Political hacks getting what they deserve for having their lemmings do stupid song and dance routines in support of their candidates.

It hits him where it hurts.

Not only does it play off the ‘short’ motif, (watch for the Lord Farquod dig) and turn the ridiculous dancing cookie against him… reminding us all of his past failures, which should itself be inexcusable in a billionaire head of a MEDIA corp…

[He is a billionaire with such top-notch judgment that he is enlisting the help of the spectacularly-failed Fyre Festival promoters to make his memes.]

More than that, it also exacerbates the natural fault lines in the Democrat party… the class warfare and the rift between the Ivy League Wall Street insiders and pundit class vs. the populist true-believers in big government socialism.

Nancy Pelosi has spent the last couple of years telling us that her brand was to oppose money in politics. What’s she going to do if Bloomberg emerges as a real contender? How is she going to walk back all of her rhetoric?

This would be a good place to introduce an excellent tweet-thread explaining just how Mini Mike has thrown his money around to buy his way into political prominence, not just the old-fashioned way of buying ads, but in the far more morally dubious way of trading money for favors.

It’s a longish thread, but comprehensive.

It lobs a grenade into the already-fractured Democrat party. Be sure to pass it along to your favorite Democrat talking-point spouters.

Bloomberg saw himself above the standard process of wooing voters by getting in the fray and throwing his ideas into the arena against the other twenty-some-odd contenders who have to earn every vote the hard way.

Also, he literally owns the ‘free’ press, which continues to hammer Trump, but will not raise a finger against Bloomberg.

Stalin could only DREAM of having such an openly partisan tool appear as though it were NOT an overt organ of the state.

The Left has buried the seeds of their own destruction in precisely the class-warfare and identitarian politics on which they have built their brand.

Those cracks in their foundation are finally starting to take their toll.