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LMAO: Over 200 Cherokees Have Signed A Letter To Sen. Warren To Address Her Claims Of Being Native American

If you thought all was forgiven for her bogus Cherokee status claims — guess again.

While Liz Warren was carping about Bloomberg’s NDA’s, these guys were still pissed about her DNA.

More than 200 Cherokees and other Native Americans have signed a letter urging Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to fully retract her past claims to being Native and help dispel false beliefs held by many white people that they have American Indian ancestry.

The letter cites a Los Angeles Times investigation that found more than $800 million in government contracts reserved for minorities instead went to companies set up by members of groups with dubious claims to being Cherokee and Creek Indian tribes.

The letter describes The Times’ findings as an example of the harm done when white people rely on family lore and DNA tests to falsely assert Native American identity.

The criticism comes at an awkward time for Warren. The Massachusetts senator did not win any of the first three states in the nominating calendar and faces an uphill battle in the South Carolina primary this Saturday.

In response, Warren sent a 12-page letter to the Cherokee authors on Tuesday night. Her letter repeated past apologies, reiterated that she is a “white woman” and detailed a policy agenda that she said was good for Indian Country.

“I was wrong to have identified as a Native American, and, without qualification or excuse, I apologize,” she wrote. Warren’s campaign provided a copy to The Times.

She also distanced herself from the cases cited in The Times investigation, which she called an “injustice.” She said her “situation differs from these cases because I never benefited financially or professionally,” and cited a Boston Globe story that concluded her past identification as Native American never boosted her career.

Never boosted her career? Are you sure about that Kimosabe, or do you have a friendly press running interference for you.

We seem to remember Harvard touting her as being Native American, as well as a story we ran on her Bar Association card indicating Indian ethnicity.

A detail like that sure didn’t HURT her employment chances in an era where institutions were working hard to prove their ethnic diversity bona fides, would it?

And if there is anything more than absolute zero possibility that SHE was hired with an eye to meeting affirmative action staffing requirements, then she was EXPLICITLY a beneficiary of the harm that she so explicitly denounced in her reply as ‘an injustice’.

It was an injustice to lie for what amounted to considerable professional benefit — she’s a Senator running for President as a direct result of that chain of events, including her employment at Harvard.

Is it possible that in an alternate history where she didn’t make that racial claim, someone with ACTUAL native ancestry might have gotten that Harvard post? Who knows, maybe even have made the same play for high political office, too?

We’ll never know, now, will we?


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