OOPS: Two Doctors Catching Hell For Removing Transgender Patient’s Vagina Without Permission

Written by Wes Walker on February 27, 2020

As SNAFUs go this one’s a doozy. If they haven’t lawyered up already, they’re gonna want to do it soon.

The female-to-male transgender wanted surgery for a hysterectomy and the creation of a penis. But ‘patient A’ did NOT want to go all-in and remove the vagina at the same time.

Two Harley Street doctors have been suspended after removing the vagina of a trans patient without his consent, in a case believed to be the first of its kind.

The man – who was transitioning from a woman – was left ‘distraught’ and in floods of tears after the irreversible gender reassignment surgery, a tribunal heard.

Giulio Garaffa, a renowned penis consultant, mistakenly carried out the procedure and his colleague Marco Capece ‘in a moment of panic… dishonestly’ altered a form to say that consent had in fact been given, a disciplinary panel was told.

The patient – who had consented to two other forms of surgery as part of the transitioning process – only discovered that his vagina had been removed a week afterwards.

Dr Garaffa was found guilty of four charges of misconduct and was handed a five month suspension whilst Dr Capece was found guilty of three misconduct charges and suspended for 12 months. DailyMail

This will come as bad news for other people wanting the same kind of surgery.

Dr. Garaffa, who performed the surgery at Highgate Private Hospital in North London, is a ‘penis consultant’ who is renowned across Europe for his specialism in penis enlargement and reconstruction surgery.

The tribunal heard his specialist skills are such that he is one of only two doctors in the world capable of performing specific procedures.

He was criticised by the panel for failing to check that the patient had consented to the vaginectomy.DailyMail