Pelosi Wants Social Media To Censor ‘Deceptive’ Videos — Does She Include Those Pushing The ‘Fine People’ Hoax?

Written by K. Walker on February 11, 2020

Speaker Pelosi wants to crack down on taking clips of a person’s speech interspersed with related video to make a point. Will she condemn this one?

After her speech-tearing stunt at the end of the President’s State of the Union, Speaker Nancy Pelosi revelled in her moment when she managed to grab the Media(D) attention away from the substance of President Trump’s superb State of the Union speech. She defended the petty move by saying that there wasn’t a word of truth in the speech and it was the “courteous thing to do.”

But then, Turning Point USA created a video of the powerful American stories that the President included in his State of the Union address and interspersed it with Pelosi’s calculated paper-tearing. President Trump retweeted it.

That was when Pelosi nearly dropped her fake teeth because she realized how bad it made her look. She immediately demanded that social media outlets censor the video because it was “deceptively edited” and “fake news.”

The thing is, it was Pelosi who has said that there was not one word of truth that the President said, and she did tear up her copy of the speech which included the stories. The video was edited to make the point, but that’s how political ads work.


She still wants that video removed because it makes her look just awful.

But would she take that same concern over “deceptively edited” videos to ask that fake news videos that target President Trump be taken down?

Here’s a very good example of one that needs to be removed under Twitter’s new guidelines for deceptive content.

This is clearly a deceptively edited video to push a lie for political purposes, and it has been repeated day after day for two and a half years.

The entire Media(D) has pushed the fine people hoax from day one and have not let up. There was a brief reprieve led by Jake Tapper, I believe, but it quickly reverted to Trump is a racist stoking white supremacy.

Here is a longer clip by Now This that “analyses” the President’s presser, it’s pretty much all ad hominem attacks and assumptions which is spoonfed by “senior political analyst” Verna Sharma. She begins by saying, “From the department of you can’t make this sh*t up…” Varma then proceeds to completely make things up.

I could fact-check Sharma, but this all happened two and a half years ago, and well, I am confident at this point that ClashDaily readers are well aware of the “Fine People Hoax Funnel.”

You should know by now that videos by Now This are nothing more than leftwing bullsh!t.

But, just to be sure, here’s a Prager U explainer video on the Charlottesville “Fine People” lie:

Here is the full context of the President’s comments where he condemns the white nationalists and neo-nazis.

Here is Trump condemning racists including white supremacists for nearly two decades.

Somehow, I don’t think that Speaker Pelosi will go to bat for the President against Now This and their fake news, do you?

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