SAD: College Kids Struggle To Name A Country On A Map (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on February 19, 2020

This is bad. These people vote, folks!

What happens if you put a world map without labels on it, and ask twenty-somethings to find a country on it?

Well, for one thing, they can all find Africa.

(Too bad that isn’t a country.)

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You’d think there are at least a FEW countries that would be easy to find, right?

How hard would it be to find Australia, for instance? Or the UK? Or, well… America?

You’d think it should be pretty straight foward, eh?

Not so much.

And for all the flak Americans who skipped college and went straight into the workforce get for being ‘uneducated’ — some of these bright sparks are college graduates!

Ted Cruz makes a good observation here, too:

No wonder they think Socialism looks reasonable. They are ‘blissfully’ unaware of the real world.


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