The Boy Scouts File For Bankruptcy Protection — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on February 19, 2020

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Boy Scouts are in a world of hurt right now. Here’s the latest.

The Boy Scouts don’t have a lot of friends left in the world anymore. There was a time where they were synonymous with all that is good and honorable. The clean-cut straight shooters who avoided the moral grey areas of life, so far as they were able, were called ‘boy scouts’.

Well, those days are dead and gone.

Since that time, they’ve gone woke and embraced every demand the Left has made of them, first by embracing homosexual leadership long before the LGBT lobby had reached their position of cultural ascendancy. Then it was the pressure to go co-ed.

Along the way, there have been numerous scandals involving the sexual abuse of kids in their care.

And it has all caught up to them.

As the new axiom says, ‘Get woke, go broke’. And that’s what has happened.

It’s a double-whammy.

Membership for the Boy Scouts is cratering at about the same time they are paying the piper for thousands of molestation cases of years gone by.

Here’s the news story of the day:

The Boy Scouts of America urged victims to come forward Tuesday as the historic, 110-year-old organization filed for bankruptcy protection in the first step toward creating a huge compensation fund for potentially thousands of men who were molested as youngsters decades ago by scoutmasters or other leaders.

The Scouts resorted to Chapter 11 in hopes of surviving a barrage of lawsuits, many of them made possible by recent changes in state laws to allow people to sue over long-ago sexual abuse.

Bankruptcy will enable the organization to put those cases on hold for now and continue operating. But ultimately the Boy Scouts could be forced to sell some of their vast property holdings, including campgrounds and hiking trails, to raise money for a victims’ fund that could top $1 billion.

The Boy Scouts estimated 1,000 to 5,000 victims will seek compensation.

“The BSA encourages victims to come forward to file a claim as the bankruptcy process moves forward,” the organization said in a statement.NBC

The organization will continue to limp along so long as the numbers warrant because there are legal firewalls protecting individual local chapters from what happens at the national level.

But the broader context is that, in failing to take a stand and defend their brand, they have become culturally irrelevant. Their brand was once based on moral — and yes, Christian — character, combined with skills competency that prepares young men for successfully entering into manhood.

It has since become something altogether different.

In so doing, the long-standing brand they worked so hard to cultivate has become corrupted and lost… not just because of the moral failings of a few leaders — we see that same dynamic in sports and public education, and they haven’t been discredited — but because they abandoned their core values to kiss the PC ring.

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And with their forays into abortion, the Girl Scouts aren’t any better.

The Left has set its sights on the institutions that transmit and protect traditional American, Western, and/or Christian values. Because they know those values are an obstacle that stands in the way of their utopian vision.

They have been quietly eroding and corrupting those institutions from internal and societal pressures for a long time.

And most of us haven’t even noticed it happening.