Strong Men Equal Strong Churches, Weak Men Equal Chick Churches

Written by Doug Giles on February 22, 2020

There are two very different ways to get masculinity way wrong — and one to get it right. Are we ready to go back to the original template where men can thrive and bless a cruddy culture?

Somewhere beyond the world of skinny-jeans douche knots and Cheeto-stained t-shirts pulled tight over a beer belly is another kind of masculinity — the kind that can supercharge a culture in a lot of great ways.

For many of the men who’ve been tranquilized by a world where good enough is good enough, this will require a radical change in paradigm and vision.

Do you remember a time when self-respecting men were known for hard work, intense play, an instinct to protect and provide, outrageous humor, ardent passion and feats of heroism?

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Whether he’s using a tweet, a carrot or a big, heavy stick, Trump seems to have great instincts on how to bring the other guy to the table, to drive his political rivals crazy, or to find creative ways to accomplish things that others have said ‘can’t be done’.

He’s also got nerves of steel, walking towards the fight that everyone else runs from.

No wonder the artist, our own Doug Giles, picked the absolute Badass Dirty Harry for his Trump-themed art series, entitled (what else?) Go Ahead, Make My Day.

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