Dan Bongino Cuts NYT’s Latest Trump Russia Collusion Theory To Ribbons (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on February 22, 2020

How is it these people never get tired of being proven wrong again and again?

The same old folks that propped up the Russia Collusion hoax for more than two years have pulled out their defibrillator and are trying to breathe new life into it again.

Yes, that includes the supposed ‘paper of record’ and the Clintons’ favorite water-carrier, Maggie Haberman.

They are trotting out (and misquoting) a ‘news’ story designed to make it look like Trump is a Russian patsy. Then again, what can we really expect about a paper that has a plan on how to cover the news on Trump TWO YEARS in advance? Exhibit A — LEAKED: New York Times Staff Meeting Reveals The NEW Plan On How To Cover President Trump

Even Hillary is piling on.

Not so fast guys, Bongino has something to say about the official narrative being off by … oh, about 180 degrees.

Lets’ set this up. The NYT headline states “Lawmakers are warned that Russia is meddling to re-elect Trump.”

At about the 4:30 mark, Bongino dives into this topic.

He hits them over their sources, asking if these are the same sources that would have had us believe Trump and Putin had some secret deal to put him in power in exchange for political favors.

He brings up Nunes’s great point about how suddenly the Russians drop out of the conversation when the Dems did well in 2018, but now that Trump has survived three years of full-on assault from the Democrat machine of personal destruction, they’re dusting off those old accusations.

Around the 10:00 mark, he moves on to the reason the Russian meddling theme has resurged, and at 11:05 tells us what his own contacts have told him about that briefing.

An intelligence professional from our election interference center gave a briefing in which, on a matter unrelated to the ‘Russians are meddling’ report gave an opinion about Russia’s intentions: Russians perceive Trump as a deal-maker. [Since he’s looking to swing deals with friend and foe alike, this should shock exactly nobody]

Since Trump is looking for a deal, there may be room for them to make a deal that both nations might find agreeable.

It’s almost as though the Democrats have never heard about Trump’s best-known book, ‘Art Of The Deal’.