WATCH: Fantastic Aubrey Huff Interview About Being ‘Cancelled’ Over MAGA Tweets

Written by Wes Walker on February 22, 2020

You’ll remember Nicole Arbour as the gorgeous and sassy chick who made those videos that fish slapped feminists and anyone losing their minds over ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’.

She heard the media telling us that everyone is supposed to ‘cancel’ 2010 Aubrey Huff. (Example below.) But since Arbour is a grown-ass woman and not a brain-dead muppet, she doesn’t DO what the media tells her to do.

Instead, she brought him on her show and asked him about it to his face.

Here’s the cancel culture she was reacting to.

“Three weeks ago I had a call from Larry Baer, CEO of the San Francisco Giants. He took me by surprise when he told me I was unanimously voted against attending the 2010 Giants World Series Championship reunion.

“When I asked why I wasn’t invited he told (me) that the board didn’t approve of my Twitter posts and political support of Donald Trump.”

That puts the controversy on a much larger playing field, as no issue is subject to thoughtful reflection when the president is invoked.


Meanwhile, Huff says ‘For me, if you speak your mind, anxiety and depression goes away.’

Check out the interview. It’s only 12 minutes long, but because Nicole is smarter than your average media droog, it delivers some real substance.

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