WATCH: NBC Is VERY Concerned That A Bloomberg Meme Is ‘Doctored Video’ — No, This Is Not Satire

Written by K. Walker on February 21, 2020

The mainstream media is now “fact-checking” memes, but they’re even doing that badly.

This morning on MSNBC, Stephanie Ruhle spoke to NBC’s Ben Collins about a “selectively edited” video that was released by Team Bloomberg. They were both very worried that this is the kind of thing that allows “disinformation” to spread. They even contacted Twitter to ask if this new Bloomberg ad violated the new rules on misinformation.

They called the video “disinformation” because the pause was 20 seconds and not 2 seconds as actually occurred in the debate and the crickets were there “for dramatic effect.” But what about the part where Bloomberg asks the other candidates if he is the only one on that stage that started a business? Isn’t that part true? We don’t know because MSNBC didn’t “fact-check” that part. FYI, Bloomberg is right — he was the only one on that stage that had started a business, and it’s been so successful that it bought him a spot on that stage.

It appears that the Stupid is Strong over at MSNBC.

Do you know that annoying phrase that younger people use to dismiss any opinion expressed by someone older than them?


Yeah, this is the kind of thing that that meme is used for. It is the mainstream media’s complete lack of comprehension of the way that messages are spread online. The video produced by the Bloomberg campaign was making a point and tried to do so using a thing called humor that it would behoove Ruhle, Collins, and the rest of Team NBC to learn about.

Really, I’m just kind of impressed that Team Bloomberg actually made something reasonably amusing and has decided to shelve the awful dancing gingerbread man.

What this sudden concern regarding truth in memes makes startlingly clear is that the Media(D) thinks that the average voter is so incredibly stupid that they’d be duped by a video that literally had crickets chirping in it.

In other words, they think you’re just as dumb as they are.

For the people that didn’t bother with “fact-checking” anything for 8 years, they’re all so gung-ho about it that they’re concerned that they’re now making sure that online jokes are being “fact-checked.”

Of course, ridiculous policies put forward by Democrats don’t seem to get the same kind of scrutiny.

They think you can’t tell that a video with audio of crickets chirping is real, but asking how to pay for Medicare for All or the Green New Deal, eh, that’s not worth covering.

Trump Derangement Syndrome in the Media(D) is the problem.

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