WATCH: Rep. Matt Gaetz Appears On ‘The View’ — It’s Just As Explosive As You Can Imagine

Written by K. Walker on February 21, 2020

What happens when a pro-Trump Republican Congressman sits down with the anti-Trump Coven on “The View”? It gets pretty wild!

Rep. Matt Gaetz isn’t known for being reserved and holding back his opinion, and neither are the harpies on The View. What followed was a clearly excited Congressman Gaetz with an equally hostile

He came out firing with both barrels. He asked Chief Crone Joy Behar if she was wearing black to commemorate the death of the Democratic Party. Behar didn’t take kindly to that and said that Rep. Gaetz shouldn’t count out the dead. The correct answer to that would’ve been, “Well, that’s standard procedure for the Democratic Party who count dead people’s votes.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the Congressman’s comeback, which was clearly a missed opportunity.

He then points out that the Great Democrat Hope™, Joe Biden, is struggling to win delegates and is falling behind socialist Bernie Sanders and former-Republican billionaire Mike Bloomberg. He notes that it’s funny that the Democratic Party is likely to not actually vote for a Democrat.

And it just got more firey from there.

In just 7 minutes, they covered the pending demise of the Democratic Party, the appointment of Richard Grenell to Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the use of Presidential pardons, and how President Trump should try to win over female voters.

Rep. Gaetz even clashes swords a bit with lone conservative, Meghan McCain over how to get women to support Trump.

Much to the dismay of the hags on The View, Rep. Gaetz says that President Trump should pardon Roger Stone. While discussing pardons, Gaetz pointed out that former Presidents also used the power granted by Article 2 in rather questionable ways — the beloved “scandal-free” Obama pardoned 1700 individuals while Clinton knowingly pardoned terrorists. Another missed opportunity was to note that Bill Clinton pardoned his brother Roger which was quite a controversial move at the time.

That was a-maz-ing!

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