WATCH: WWII Vet Gets Special Welcome At Trump Rally In Vegas

Written by Wes Walker on February 20, 2020

The man was a hero, he should be welcomed as such. And so he was…

At a Los Vegas rally packed to the rafters with Trump Supporters, one person in attendance stood out.

The man had served in WWII.

But in such a packed stadium that isn’t particularly accommodating to someone with his age and frailty, this honored guest wasn’t made to sit in some corner reserved for those with disabilities.

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Salt of the earth people did what salt of the earth people do… they went ahead and did what needed doing. They got this guy situated in a preferred seat.

How did they get the job done? That’s the part of this story that makes it so special:

They carried him.

Trump spoke at a rally in Phoenix while Democratic primary candidates lined up on a debate stage in Las Vegas. At the rally, Trump drew loud cheers and chants of “USA!” as he introduced the veteran as Irvin Julian.

“It’s all over TV that the folks here tonight have helped a great World War II veteran into the arena. I don’t know if he knows it, but he’s, right now, the hottest celebrity in the world,” Trump said. “He might even be hotter than Trump, right now, I have to say.”

“He’s all over television. Even ‘fake news CNN’ had him on, but they say he is a legitimate hero, a veteran of World War II, Irvin Julian,” Trump continued.Washington Examiner
As one guy put it:

At a time where so much of what we see politically is based on what divides us, it’s nice that we can report on moments like this one.


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