Jesus Chooses From The Back Of The Line

Written by Doug Giles on February 20, 2020

If you look at the people God taps for his service, it isn’t often the sort of guy you’d invite to some black-tie gala… but then, God isn’t as superficial as the rest of us.

This trend was true in King David’s case, where even his dad didn’t believe in him. True in Gideon’s case, where the dude didn’t even believe in himself, and true of the rough-and-tumble motley crew Christ picked out to be his Twelve.

Who did he have? You’ve got, among others, a handful of blue-collar small-businessmen (in this case, fishermen, with calloused hands and could curse with the best of them), a guy who sold out his countrymen to Imperial Rome for profit (tax collector), and a ‘Zealot’ — a domestic terrorist who wanted to lead a violent uprising against Rome.

Not exactly the crew that you our I would have chosen as the foundational pillars for Christ’s Church, is it? But God saw something more.

He offered the grace they needed to BE what he saw they are capable of — and THAT is exactly the kind of God a broken world needs to hear about, and that the Church needs to resemble.

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