WTF? Joaquin Phoenix Rants About Cows’ Milk In Oscar Acceptance Speech

Written by K. Walker on February 10, 2020

Was Joaquin Phoenix still in character when he was making his acceptance speech for his role as the Joker or was something else going on?

Joaquin Phoenix is an odd guy. He’s a genius at his craft, but let’s face it — he is one of those typical weird artists. Perhaps it’s just being the creative type that he is, or maybe it’s that he was raised by hippies. Who knows.

Phoenix has been one of those quiet Hollywood stars who mostly keeps to himself unless he is actively promoting a project. Lately, however, he’s been more politically outspoken, and his politics — like so many of his colleagues — are decidedly on the left.

He flew to Washington D.C. after he won the Golden Globe for his role as The Joker to join “Hanoi Jane” Fonda in her climate change protest, Fire Drill Fridays. Phoenix then encouraged people to “change their diet” and go vegan as he has done in order to save the planet because the meat and dairy industry contributes to climate change. Phoenix has been vegan practically his entire life, however.

At the Bafta awards, during that acceptance speech, he spoke about the “systemic racism” in the movie industry and that there is “a clear message to people of color that you’re not welcome here” and that made him conflicted.

But, he saved his most bizarre rant for the Academy Awards. The outspoken member of PETA spoke about the dairy industry and the way that we treat cows to use their milk for human consumption.

“We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow, and when she gives birth, we steal her baby. We take her milk that’s intended for her calf, and we put it in our coffee and our cereal. And I think we fear the idea of personal change because we think that we have to sacrifice something.”

Like many animal activists, even in his criticism is a result of ignorance.

Today, a spokesman for the National Milk Producers Federation responded to Phoenix’s statement.

“If he [Phoenix] studied the commitment of dairy farmers to animal welfare and had a fuller understanding of the contribution of dairy products to a nutritious diet, especially for children, he might have a different perception of the value that dairy contributes to global health and the importance of the dairy sector to global livelihood,” Alan Bjerga, a spokesman for the National Milk Producers Federation, told FOX Business on Monday.
Source: Fox Business

Far too many animal rights activists give more concern is to the health and welfare of animals than to people, especially people in poverty in developing countries. Animal milk is one of those things that can help people survive when resources are scarce.

It is interesting that Joaquin Phoenix is committed to using his voice to advocate for the voiceless and fight against injustice with the alleged “oppression” of cows, but he would never make a similar argument with such compassion and conviction about human life.

Progressives can no longer define what a woman is. Feminism insisted that a woman cannot be defined by her function in society, nor her desires and goals, nor her ability to have children. She was no longer a complement to a man, or any different from what a man is, but had to adopt masculine traits and goals in order to have value. For a progressive, a woman only has value when she has a college degree, a career, ambition, and 401K. Now, thanks to radical gender theorists, a woman cannot even be defined by her biology.

The wokescolds have now essentially defined women out of existence by conflating feminism with toned-down masculinity.

Yet, the motherhood of a cow is sacrosanct. The female biological function of a cow is to be honored and it would be cruel to deny a mother her calf. And yet…

Human life in the womb is disposable.

Taking a calf from a cow is wrong, but killing innocent children for convenience is just fine.

A cow can have feminine traits, and we should honor that, but a similar sort of femininity is somehow wrong in a human.

Leftist logic makes no sense.

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