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Two New York Cops Shot — Being Called ‘Assassination Attempts’

Does it really surprise anyone that years of demonizing police and racists and killers would lead to criminals being emboldened to take action against their mortal ‘enemy’?

A racist with an ax to grind murdered as many cops as he could in Dallas… while they escorted a peaceful BLM march.

And now we have assassination attempts?

It isn’t the first cop-killer we’ve seen there, either.

Police say that the suspect walked into the 41st precinct in New York City’s Bronx borough just before 8 a.m. Sunday and fired multiple rounds, wounding an officer. Police say that the same suspect is believed to have shot and wounded another police officer in a targeted shooting on Saturday evening.

The first shooting occurred at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday evening, when a man in a dark jacket is believed to have approached two officers sitting in a police van and asked for directions, Commissioner Dermot Shea said in a press conference on Saturday night. The man pulled out a gun, and the officer behind the steering wheel quickly put the van into drive and pull away. The suspect shot at the vehicle multiple times, striking the officer behind the steering wheel at least once. The officers did not shoot at the suspect.

The officer was struck in the chin and the neck, with the bullet nearly striking his carotid artery, Shea said. The officer’s partner was able to help transport him to the hospital, and the wounded officer is expected to be released from the hospital on Sunday.

“It is a miracle that we are not here under worse circumstances,” Shea said on Saturday evening. He said that the officers targeted in the first shooting had been sent to the area because of recent reports about violence and drug crime in the area.Time

Another cop was shot at by the same perp the following morning, shooting at several officers behind their desks. We have footage of that one.

Shea said video from the Bronx precinct headquarters shows the man walking in at about 8 a.m. Sunday, pulling out a gun and shooting multiple rounds toward the main desk area. The gunman then walked into an area around the desk and fired more rounds.

Surveillance video posted on social media shows a man walking into precinct headquarters, then ducking around a corner and returning with a gun drawn before diving onto the floor. Another angle shows an officer ducking for cover behind a desk.

…”In this chaos, the lieutenant, struck in the upper left arm, returned fire” but did not hit the suspect, Shea said. “This coward immediately laid down, but only after he ran out of bullets.”

Shea said the man had a history of violent crime. He had been released from prison in 2017 after serving time for an attempted murder conviction from a 2002 shooting, Shea said. In that case, the suspect had carjacked a vehicle, crashed it and then engaged police in a shootout before being taken into custody, Shea said.

The commissioner said he was confident that ballistic tests would show that the suspect committed both shootings.

“This is not a crime gone bad, not a liquor store robbery interrupted,” Shea said. “These were premeditated assassination attempts.”USAToday

Wes Walker

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