2020 Primaries: What Mini-Super Tuesday Means For Dem Leadership Race

Written by Wes Walker on March 11, 2020

Trendlines are developing which give strong indication of which way this will go if a winner is decided without needing a brokered convention.

From the moment the Democrat establishment decided to coalesce behind Biden for SuperTuesday, this has been effectively a two-horse race. With apologies to Tulsi, who has playing the role of Kasich this election cycle, everything is riding on either Biden or Bernie for the 2020 Presidential nomination.

If Pete and Amy had stuck around for Super Tuesday, or if Warren had dropped out, we might be looking at a whole different picture today. But the Democrat establishment donor class are some cagey bastards who know their way around the bare-knuckle bloodsport of politics. No wonder Bernie hates them so much.

Ever since SuperTuesday, Joe Biden’s ‘mostly dead’ campaign has been seeing a ‘miraculous’ injection of life. If these primaries are the Worlds’ Worst Game Show, a series of past contestants have all come back for the final episode to cast their vote for the Establishment Guy.

Anything said during the debates or the campaign is gone and forgotten. Yes, even those snarky bits about him being racist, or lacking proper higher cognitive function.

With the establishment candidates stepping down on Tuesday, but Warren staying in the race, some states Bernie could have taken went to Biden, instead. That left Biden holding a lead coming into Mini SuperTuesday. It wasn’t a big one, but was a lead, nevertheless.

Mini Super Tuesday would be the litmus test to show whether it would continue as a tight race, or if a clear leader would begin to emerge.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to win the Idaho primary, according to Associated Press voter surveys, where 20 pledged delegates are at stake.

This is Biden’s fourth win of the night, after winning Mississippi, Missouri and Michigan.

Sanders won Idaho in 2016 against Hillary Clinton when the state still had caucuses. Democrats in Idaho held a primary this year for the first time.

This is the second state Sanders has lost Tuesday evening that he won four years ago. He won Michigan in 2016. Currently, Washington is too close to call. That was another state that Sanders won overwhelmingly when he went up against Clinton. — USA Today

This is not good news for Bernie. By the time the final counts from Tuesday roll in, it could be all over except the crying.

Does that mean Bernie will go down without a fight? Probably not. But if he takes another beating like the one he just took here next week, it’s all over.

As a side note, this beat-down happened just in time to keep a 2020 political theory alive. The theory goes: attaching a dance to your political campaign is a guaranteed kiss of death.

Bernie Bros got their own ‘dance’ going to the most ridiculously horrible track you could imagine.

And to prove it’s not just a one-off…

Fat lotta good that did them.

The real question is: just how serious were the Bernie Bros about chucking bricks in Milwaulkee if the establishment screwed them … again?