Artist Depicts Biblical Greats As Real Men And Not Bearded Women

Written by Doug Giles on March 28, 2020

Here’s an artist on a mission to change the world — he believes that hand-wringing effeminate images of world-changing prophets and apostles both dishonors God and discourages his people.

Our own Big Dawg, Doug Giles is making an appearance in a video you can catch on Amazon and Vimeo, entitled, BIBLICAL BADASSES: A Raw Look At Christianity And Art:

BIBLICAL BADASSES: A Raw Look At Christianity And Art from Delano Bryant on Vimeo.

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He’s making a case for turning the page on the soft-skinned, bearded ladies so much Religious art has imagined our Spiritual forefathers to be, and start a new chapter, depicting them with calloused hands, weathered faces and a dangerously unconquerable look in their eyes.

You know… the kind of men whose bold words started riots and flipped cities on their heads.

Here’s a link to his art site:

Below are some of my original pieces, heretofore, in the Biblical Badass Series. The prints start around $30 and can be printed on high quality paper, canvas or metal. Enjoy.

Titles and images are both hyperlinked for those who want to check on pricing.


Jacob Wresling An Angel

He Was Wounded For Our Transgressions

Samson Tearing A Lion

King David — Psalm 3




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