Biblical Badasses: A Raw Look At Christianity And Art

Written by Doug Giles on March 19, 2020

ClashDaily’s Big Dawg, Doug Giles takes on the lame, sad, effeminized art with his new Biblical Badass series. Check it out.

Have you ever wondered why so much Christian art lacks that masculine oomph?

You’re not alone.

For hundreds of years, Christian art has been dominated by Biblical heroes that look like bearded women, a sweet, docile Jesus with eyes forever turned heavenward, and angels represented as fat babies with wings, that no grown-ass man who beheld them would fall down in worship confusing them with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

The problem is that life imitates art.

If those are the images that Christians are getting, what is the result? Christians will have become doe-eyed, effeminized, nicer-than-Christ pacifists who lack the Biblical badassery that is exemplified by those heroes in Holy Writ.

After all, monkey see, monkey do.

Doug is taking up the brush and portraying the Biblical heroes as the Warriors & Wildmen that they were.

Check it out here:

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It’s also up on Amazon Prime Video.

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