Bloomberg’s Big Bet Is A BUST: Mini-Mike Spent Half-A-BILLION And Only Won A Handful Of Delegates

Written by Wes Walker on March 4, 2020

If a fool and his money are ‘soon parted’… what does it mean when an ill-fated vanity project costs you billions with nothing of substance to show for it?

SuperTuesday was supposed to be Bloomberg’s grand ‘fashionably late’ entrance to the spirited battle for Democrat delegates. He dumped withering amounts of money into every conceivable advertising outlet in a run to, as his critics put it, but the election.

You’d think someone who managed to become among the world’s wealthiest people would have a fairly well-honed sense of what a good Return On Investment should look like.

Let’s have a look at how left-wing rag Vox described his work so far:

Turns out half a billion dollars can’t get you very far in the Democratic primary, at least if you’re Mike Bloomberg in 2020.

The billionaire businessman, philanthropist, and former New York City mayor pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into television, radio, and digital ads to propel his campaign. He hired more than 2,000 staffers across 43 states after launching his presidential bid in November 2020. His bet: All that money would translate into big wins on Super Tuesday and beyond. But it appears not to be the case — on Tuesday, Bloomberg sort of crashed and burned, or at the very least picked up fewer votes and delegates than he might have hoped. — Source: Vox

Looks like your own team is mocking you, Mini-Mike!

He had to have won SOMETHING for all that dough he burned… right?

Well, he did get something

Bloomberg did pull out one early victory — he won America Samoa and five delegates — but in multiple states, he probably wishes he’d done better, including Texas and Oklahoma. It will be days or weeks before we know the final results of the California primary because counting mail-in votes take so long, and that will determine whether Bloomberg hits the 15 percent threshold to pick up delegates. — Source: Vox

It may not be a BIG victory, but — well, we ARE talking about Bloomberg, right?

His time spent in the actual running might be short-lived indeed. He’s reportedly reassessing one day after he first entered the race in earnest, in places with his name on the ballot.

Multiple media outlets reported Bloomberg plans to “reassess” his campaign on Wednesday. His campaign did not return Vox’s request for comment.

Before everyone piles on the Bloomberg hate, it’s important to note he has said he’ll support whoever the Democratic nominee is and plans to keep his massive operations up and running through November. — Source: Vox

Well, a least he led by example by ‘redistributing wealth’. Of course, like anyone who made his wealth through free enterprise, he spread his wealth it the old-fashioned way — by purchasing expensive goods and services.