Cali Governor Gavin Newsom Issues ‘Stay At Home’ Order For The ENTIRE State (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 20, 2020

The Governor is being very careful NOT to call this a ‘lockdown’. Maybe someone should explain that to LA’s Mayor.

Pay no attention to the hashtag, this is a ‘stay at home’ order and not a ‘lockdown’.

The Governor is using the terminology of ‘shelter in place’.

Anyone who is NOT involved in an essential service is expected to remain at home except for trips out of the house for essentials like groceries and medicine. Hardware stores will also remain open.

You can also take short trips outside for things like walking your dog or getting exercise… so long as you keep your distance from other people.

Mayor Eric Garcetti is looking at ENFORCING the Bay Area stay at home order

He’s considering the option to deputize bureaucrats to enforce the lockdown. We can’t *possibly* imagine how that might go terribly, terribly wrong.

The “Safer at Home” order, encourages people to still go outside to take a walk, but while respecting social distancing, and not in groups.

“I think there’s been terrible terms out there, like lockdown,” Garcetti said. Nobody is locked down. We encourage you not to be locked down. This is not shelter-in-place like a school shooting. This is stay at home, because you’re safer at home. The only people who should be leaving home and going out are those whose jobs are critical to the safety, the health and security of the city, as well as the economy of recovery for us and the nation during this crisis.” — Heavy

Let’s get this straight…

Sanctuary city policies and working at cross purposes with federal law enforcement and ICE is A-OK.

Rampant homelessness with open heroin use and public pooping on the streets? No problem.

People robbing retail stores blind in — broad daylight — will not be prosecuted.

But bureaucrats and middle managers could be enforcing stay-at-home provisions of the Government mandate.

We wonder what exactly will happen if someone dares to say ‘no’ to one of these deputies.

Better yet, what if an illegal alien DARES them to enforce it?