CLASH POLL: Does Trump Calling It ‘The Chinese Virus’ Offend You … Or Nah?

Written by Wes Walker on March 17, 2020

If you’ve been paying attention, you will have picked up on a subtle shift in how the President has been speaking about the virus.

If Trump has brought anything with him from his private life to his political life, it’s been his branding ability.

Not only has he made a simple trucker’s cap into an already iconic symbol of his presidency, but he has been amazingly effective at tagging ideas with his preferred branding message. In particular, he has been able to tag his rivals with unflattering nicknames.

And now that Chinese Communist propagandists have been trying to lay blame for the Coronavirus at the feet of the American military, the President has changed his messaging accordingly.

He has, you remember, always been first and foremost, concerned about the national interests. That’s been his claim, and if you look at his policy (without the jaundiced eye of discredited Russia-Russia-Russia fearmongering) his priorities have lined up with his stated goal.

In fact, if the policies he has been pushing — including secure borders, repatriating (or at least diversifying) foreign-based manufacturing, protecting intellectual property, and rebalancing trade had been the national policy decades ago, we would not be feeling commercial disruptions due to disrupted supply chains to the same degree that we have been.

In other words — Trump was right about those issues… issues others in the media and political Intelligencia straight-up mocked him for persuing.

The usual suspects are ‘triggered’ by him using the term ‘Chinese virus’. And their reactions were almost cliché.

Not everyone joined the hate-fest, though. The replies included plenty of support for him calling China out, too.

With the Communist Government’s failed attempt to keep it under wraps, costing the medical community valuable response time (and many innocent lives!) in the process, is this China’s Chernobyl moment where their political CYA’s finally caught up with them on the World Stage?

How do our readers feel about Trump tagging China as the ‘owner’ of this worldwide virus?