Katie Hill Claims That She ‘Almost Certainly’ Has Contracted Coronavirus

Written by K. Walker on March 17, 2020

Disgraced former-Congresswoman Katie Hill says that she was exposed to COVID-19 and thinks that she has it now. Here’s the 411…

You remember Katie Hill, right? She’s the Left’s poster-girl for sexism. Nevermind that there was a House ethics investigation into Hill carrying on with some hanky-panky with one Congressional subordinate and a young campaign staffer.

Hill is the married member of Congress that was involved in a multi-partner relationship and cheated on her spouse and their girlfriend (a campaign staffer still on her payroll) with her Congressional male staffer. If you know the definition of the word “throuple” it’s likely due to reporting on Katie Hill’s personal exploits.

Several nude photos of Hill were published which she called “revenge porn.” One was of her naked brushing the hair of her campaign staffer that was one member of the throuple relationship.

Hill has blamed sexism and “biphobia” as the root causes of her forced resignation rather than the House ethics investigation into an improper sexual relationship between her and a subordinate in a post-Me-Too world.

But now Katie has some news — and it’s not that she has been dating Playboy reporter Alex Thomas since mid-2019 (he denies the claim saying that they’re “just pals”) or as Page Six is reporting, that she has a new girlfriend, nothing like that. It’s that she may have contracted the Wuhan Coronavirus.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, she laid out how she was exposed and how she wants to “ride this thing out together.”

(And no, I’m not sorry for my choice of words.)

Hill says that she was told by her father that he spent a lot of time with someone that tested positive for Coronavirus and she spent time with her dad — but she’s not positive that that was the contact.

She also said that she won’t be tested unless she is “hospitalized” but as a young, healthy person, she probably won’t get too sick. So, she’s decided to self-quarantine for the next couple of weeks.

She wrote, “I’m lucky. I’m young. I probably won’t get too sick, & I can hang out in my apartment for two weeks. But my doctor told me yes, you almost certainly have it but nothing to do except quarantine myself & if it gets worse, like I literally CANNOT BREATHE, go to the hospital.”

In her thread, she takes a jab at the Trump administration for the lack of COVID-19 test kits. She also tells the “worried well” to stay home and not clog up the Emergency Rooms so that there will be spaces for those who really need it.

Well, it’s kind of a shocker that all she got was Coronavirus considering her *ahem* “social circle” seems to be quite extensive.

Here at ClashDaily we do wish Hill a speedy recovery and hope that her loved ones that were exposed to the virus directly stay healthy.


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