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De Blasio: If Trump Doesn’t Nationalize Industry, People Will Die (Video)

Trump keeps refusing to fit into the neat little boxes his rivals build for him.

Mika lobs the softest of all possible anti-Trump softballs at NY’s absentee Mayor.

She’s not even trying to hide it.

At a time when most Americans are trying to offer some kind of hope or reassurance — or at least, helpful information to make our way through the crisis — Mika is busy hyping apocalyptic reporting.

The only thing missing is someone in a Medival Plague Doctor’s costume.

Notice the leading question she sets up with, and her choice of words ‘stark’ (repeated twice) followed by ‘what are we careening toward if there is no action.

In other words…

He did NOT disappoint her with his reply.

“Mika, a lot of people are going to die that don’t have to die. That is the blunt truth.

It will start with dozens and it will go to hundreds and it will go farther than that when you talk about this country.

…if the President doesn’t act in a matter of days — because look at the trajectory of this crisis you can see it clear as a bell now — if the President does not act within days to MAXIMIZE the use of the Defence Production Act to put every company that can produce a ventilator or a surgical mask or any other necessary supply, put them on full 24/7 production and guarantee that those products get to the front line, get to where the need is greatest. And if he doesn’t do that in the next few days, if he does not mobilize the United States military, immediately, not only will hundreds die around the nation who didn’t need to die, thousands will die around the nation that didn’t need to die.

People who will die waiting to get into a hospital, people who will die AT a hospital because there is no equipment, or there is no medical personnel who can help them in time.

There are doctors and nurses all over the country ready to serve where the need is greatest. There is military medical personnel who swore to their nation they would serve overseas in combat. And we’re not asking that. We’re asking them to be at the front line in their own nation. They’re ready. They would do it in a heartbeat. They would serve us. But the Commander-In-Chief won’t give the order.

Where is there a greater threat to American lives than the Coronavirus right now, right here in places like New York.

That is NOT the ‘blunt truth’.

Everything he said was wrong, including ‘the’ and ‘and’.

First off, let’s see his condemnation of Obama for NOT doing exactly this in a situation where thousands actually DID die.

Trump is focussing his efforts on the most logical step — slowing the spread, so that we can get ahead of infection transmission while looking for suitable treatment options.

He is focussed on removing red tape and impediments from the free market turning their considerable talent and resources to solving the problem.

He is focussed on turning loose the creative and scientific resources of both public and private sector researchers while identifying and dealing with bottlenecks that slow down advances in the research.

He is working with manufacturers of respirators and various related PPE (personal protective equipment) to secure the needed supply chain.

He has even seen some manufacturing plants agree to retrofit their factories so that they could ramp up production… much like they did in the war era.

What Trump has NOT been doing is put the ‘gun’ of government authority to the head of any of these individuals or groups.

He is addressing them all in their capacity as free moral agents, not people or corporations laboring under some arbitrary government fiat.

In fact, some of the issues we’ve already seen have been due to the sclerotic nature of big government which adapts poorly to changing needs and models. Once a ‘system’ is developed, the bureaucrats who run it are loath to alter or modify what has served them well in the past.

So to recap:

Nancy Pelosi is demanding Trump initiate a government takeover of industry.

Bill de Blasio is demanding Trump initiate a government takeover of industry.

But the man the Left loves to call ‘Hitler’, ‘totalitarian’, ‘authoritarian’, and a ‘threat to the Constitution’ is somehow stubbornly refusing to trample on the rights and autonomy of free people and the businesses they run?

Looks like Trump needs to take some remedial Tyrant classes. He’s really not very good at being an authoritarian.

Pelosi and de Blasio, on the other hand — they’ve got authoritarianism down pat.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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