Christ & COVID-19 – Riding The Storm Out

Written by Doug Giles on March 21, 2020

Welcome to the war, soldier!

You didn’t really think that coming to Christ would get you a ‘get out of misery free’ card, didja?

Because if you did, you’ve got some bad news coming.

That’s not what the Red Letters in the Gospels promised ANY of us, is it?

More often than not, God takes us to places we never thought we’d be willing to go and face odds we never thought we can handle.

God really has a knack for disrupting our neat and orderly little lives.

That’s not the bad news… it’s good news. If we have a real understanding of what the world we’re living in is really like, hardship won’t so easily take us out at the knees.

We can be the ones keeping our heads when everyone else is losing theirs. Especially in a crisis.

Like the one the world just found itself in now.

What the world needs now is the kind of Christians that didn’t jump at their own shadow. The kind of bold, world-changing disciples the Lord of Glory turned his disciples into.

Need help figuring out how to be more like that?

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