FAKE NEWS: NYTimes Editor Caught In An Obvious Lie While Trashing Trump

Written by Wes Walker on March 17, 2020

What do we really expect from an outfit that has decided two years in advance what kind of anti-Trump narrative they were going to tell?

And if you missed that story you can find it here: LEAKED: New York Times Staff Meeting Reveals The NEW Plan On How To Cover President Trump

Not exactly the mark of an outfit at all interested in journalistic integrity, is it? Then again, this is the same NYTimes that covered up Stalin’s genocide of the Ukrainians and Hitler’s treatment of the Jews.

If anyone is still foolish enough to go looking to them for journalistic integrity, they have only themselves to blame.

The latest example in the long saga is this tweet from editor Mara Gay.

The following quote looks pretty damning, doesn’t it?

That was intentional.

Now, let’s take a step back — how does it look in its proper context?

That’s a pretty significant omission, don’t you think?

Its the difference between portraying them as abandoned by the President versus setting local leaders loose to look for local solutions while he does what he can at the federal level.

Does Mara Gay’s name ring any bells?

It should.

She’s the math whiz who was talking about Bloomberg’s millions in political campaigns and stuck her foot in her mouth — badly.

Idiots On Parade: These ‘Intelligent Journalists’ Don’t Seem To Understand Basic Math (VIDEO)

When she got dragged for being a crazy partisan, she did what the Left does best. She cried ‘racism’, and claimed she was being unfairly attacked.

After Failing At BASIC Math On National Television Mara Gay Plays The Victim, Blames Racism

As though public figures spouting off get to have some kind of a ‘get out of public criticism free’ card they can play when they spectacularly crap the bed.

Sorry chica. Those aren’t the rules of the game.

You cash those big-dollar NYTimes checks. You get everything that goes with it.

And that goes double when you get busted as being deficient in journalistic integrity.