Health Care: Evaluating Canada’s System — By Someone Who’s Lived Under Both (Prager U Vid)

Written by Wes Walker on March 11, 2020

We’re told that Canada has a health care system that Americans should envy and probably copy… is this true?

This Prager University vid digs through some of the assumptions and myths surrounding what Canada’s health care is — and isn’t.

Alain Lambert, a French-Canadian who has lived and worked in both Canada and the US walks us through his experiences with the Canadian system that Bernie Bros won’t want us to talk about.

It covers questions like ‘is their health care really free’?

What are these waiting lists Canadians keep complaining about?

Is everyone really covered?

It also reminds Americans that Canadians come to the American system, with cash in hand when the ‘amazing’ Canadian medical system there eventually fails them.

Even those who are relatively happy with their care will acknowledge that not EVERYTHING is covered in the ‘free’ health care.

They have employer health plans, just like we do, for all the things that are outside the scope of what ‘free’ government health care will cover.

That will cost you out-of-pocket if it’s not covered by a corporate plan.

Unless, of course, you happen to belong to a group that gets upgraded care above and beyond what the ordinary taxpayer gets:

Of course, there will be devotees on both sides who are happy to trade the superlative (if expensive) health care in the US for the diminished, but government-mandated coverage of Canada.

As for the US being so expensive?

Let’s see how much that changes if we ever get around to changing our tort laws to discourage frivolous slip-and-fall lawsuits.


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