Horrible Gaffe Or Just Bad Audio: Did Sleepy Joe Just Call Crooked Hillary ‘Hitlery’? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 11, 2020

How does a gaffe master like Biden ‘step up his game’? Did he really make this slip, or is it just a trick of the audio?

The same Twitter user that recently gave us the Liberal Hack Tournament pointed out an especially unfortunate (or Hilarious) ‘flub’ on Sleepy Joe’s part.

The fact that his verbal errors are more interesting than his actual speeches shouldn’t surprise us, it’s the new normal.

But this one takes us to a whole other level.

It COULD be nothing. He might have just stumbled a little over pronouncing Hillary.

Joe IS mumbling a little…

… and this COULD just be the power of suggestion at play here…

…but it’s sounding a little bit like he might have said…

It’s sounding a little bit like he said ‘there was sexism in Hitlery’s race’.

Maybe it’s nothing. And maybe he said it correctly.

But wouldn’t it be funny if he accidentally called her one of the insults the Right liked to toss her way?


That’s not exactly the ‘uniting of the party’ he was hoping for.