Hunter Biden Settles Child Support Case After Judge DENIED Delaying Court Date

Written by Wes Walker on March 12, 2020

In case there was any uncertainty that all the theatrics and stalling in his court case were ultimately political, his reversal after his latest delay tactic failed should remove all doubt.

When last we checked in on Biden’s loser son with a shady history, he was playing the doting husband and honorable father, protecting his wife and soon-to-be-born child from media scrutiny and the Coronavirus while (*checks notes*) fighting to duck responsibility for the kid he fathered with a stripper.

He couldn’t possibly be expected to show up for court with Cornavirus on the loose, could he?

Yeah, the Judge didn’t buy it either. All of Biden’s various excuses were shot down by the judge who wasn’t having any of it.

“For context in ruling on this Motion the Court has reviewed the history of this litigation and finds that the Defendant has been given considerable leniency regarding continuances and delay,” the order states. “The defendant’s attempts to delay this case are mounting such that one begins to see a pattern of delay.”FreeBeacon

So Hunter Biden was faced with a choice between showing up for court and having his own life and finances go under the microscope just in time for his father to take a lead in the Dem Primaries… OR… settling this case quietly.

On Wednesday morning, lawyers for plaintiff Lunden Alexis Roberts alerted the judge that they had reached a final settlement with Biden that, pending court approval, will end the nearly 10-month-long legal battle.

“Late last night, after the court entered the order, we reached a global, final settlement of all issues,” Roberts’s lawyer wrote in an email to Judge Meyer.

The agreement comes after months of delays from Biden, who is now on his second legal team for the child support case. Lawyers for Roberts last Friday called for Biden to be held in contempt for his continued failure to submit financial documents, which would likely shed light on just how much he earned through connections to foreign companies, including his lucrative position on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma.FreeBeacon

We’re pretty sure the decision was taken out of his hands.

For all we know, one of his father’s benefactors paid the kid’s mom a handsome sum to quietly go away and speak no more of it. You know, much like what the Democrats did for John Edwards.

The Dem nominee must be protected at all costs.

Don’t expect the media(D) to go sniffing around any of the scandals in Joe’s family, either — especially anything relating to family members soaking the taxpayer for big money through government contracts or anything like that.