Idiots On Parade: These ‘Intelligent Journalists’ Don’t Seem To Understand Basic Math (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 6, 2020

Three journalists plus one math problem equals zero fact-checking.

What we have here is MSNBC’s Brian Williams talking to Mara Gay of The New York Times editorial board about a tweet written by Mekita Rivas who has bylines in The Washington Post, Refinery 29, and Glamour. Rivas wrote that former mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg, spent $500 million on ads in his presidential run and this was enough to give $1 million to each of the 327 million Americans… and she was serious.

If you, like Rivas, aren’t very good with math, Bloomie’s $500M would only work out to be about $1.52 per American. He would have had to spend $328 TRILLION to give 328 million people $1 million each. He’s rich, but he’s not that rich.

The tweet in question has been deleted, but it has changed the conversation, and not in any intelligent way.

There was a truly unbelievable moment of reportage where Brian Williams says that the tweet was “an incredible way of putting it” and Gay says “it’s true, it’s disturbing” then trots out the tired old comment that there’s just “too much money in politics.” 

Andrew Yang must be very frustrated right now.

And oh, the mockery on Twitter!

First, Rivas doubled-down.

But then, she locked her Twitter account and changed her profile to read, “I know I’m bad at math.”

But now it’s not just Mekita Rivas, this is also on Brian Williams and Mara Gay.

These journalists that can’t do basic math think that they’re your moral and intellectual superiors.


Mara Gay has realized her mistake and in an unexpected move has acknowledged it.

Kudos to Gay for making the admission.


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